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Jul 15, 2012 11:30am PDT
there in syria. thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> there is a fight brewing over bob dylan's original electric guitar. the one that he may have used for the first time at a music fest ral in the 19 festival in the 1960s. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. >>> it's a match made in rock 'n' roll heaven. ♪ >> paul mccartney and bruce stringstein singing the beatles tune "i saw her standing there." apparently not everyone in london's hyde park was into the superstar duet. the two were still singing when the local organizer simply cut off the power to the stage. they pulled the plug because the show ran past its allowed time. besides rock 'n' roll, icons springsteen mccartney and springsteen, there's bob dylan. there is controversy over a guitar he maced have used in a 1960s musical festival
Jul 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
a major influence on countless musicians including bob dylan, bruce springsteen, pete seeger and phil oaks. well woody guthrie is best remembered as a musician, get a deeply political side. at the height of mccarthyism, he spoke out for labor and civil- rights and against fascism. he died in 1967 after a long battle with huntington's disease, but his music lives on. >> we speak with woody guthrie's daughter and granddaughter of the next hour and will be joined in the studio by the musician >> welcome to all our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. . first, woody guthrie in his own words been interviewed by the musicologist alan lomax. >> what did your family do? where did they come from? >> well, they come from texas in the early day. my dad got to oklahoma right after statehood. he was the first clerk of the county court. and okemah, oklahoma. he is known as one of them old hard-hitting fist fighting democrats, you know, run for office down there and they used to miscount the votes all the time. so every time my dad went to town, the first question i would a
Jul 31, 2012 4:30am EDT
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Jul 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
." not elvis, not the beatles, not bob dylan. youave to remember when born run cam out he had two albums that were out and didn't do anything. columbia was going to get rid of him if the third album didn't sell. >> rose: this is an extraordinary profile. it will tell you and help you understand this will make real who he is, what he is and where the music comes from and what it's about. how does this happen. >> thank you, charlie. >> rose: it's true. how does that happen? >> it's the gift of the "new yorker" to be honest with you. it's the ability to have the spacto do it and t time to do it even though my time is 99% taken up with editing the magazine. this is a lark for me. i have a writer right now in syria and people risking their lives doing tough investigative work. following bruce springsteen up the i-95 corridor and to bars low that isn't exactly tough duty. >> rose: but it's a work of love. >> it is. i first saw him, as i write in the piece, by accident in 1973. i was 14 and for some reason, i don't know why, i went to see the band chicago, if anybody remembers what that is in m
Jul 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
is not a secret unlike bob dylan who is a master of masks and enmig ma and keeping to himself and making a fetish of his elusiveness, at this point in his life bruce springsteen is-- who's been in analysis, by the way, for 30 years-- is a master of talking about himself so i think the timing was right. he's always been good at it. dave marsh's biography is good. a guy named peter carlon has a biography coming that's really interesting. so it was a question of doing the work. finding a way to tell the story within the confines of a magazine piece. >> rose: has there been an evolution in the stories he tells? >> absolutely. the early springsteen records are of a kind of jersey romantic and love lost and gained out on the turnpike and tales of the difficulty between father and son which is a lot of the themes of early rock and roll and the music comes from soul and british invasion but fourp listen to the record that came out a couple months ago, "wrecking ball" these are adult concerns, political concerns, other albums have been about marriage, about divorce, about getting older. friends dying. the
Jul 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. >> ifill: and we close with a mystery about an electric guitar that just might be the same one bob dylan played at the 1965 newport fo festival. it's rock and roll history. we'd love to see his guitar to either learn if we made a mistake and how we made the mistake or if we have the real thing. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, chnology, and improved economic peormance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the troubles with the u.s. economy-- and the possible fallout-- were on full display orce report told of states facing ever-deeper budget holes. but the chairman of the federal reserve withheld any promise of immediate help. ben bernanke came before the senate banking committee acknowledging that the
Jul 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
musicians, including bob dylan, bruce springsteen, pete seeger, and bill oakes. while guthrie is best remembered as a musician, he also had a political side. he spoke out for label and civil rights and against fascism. he died in 1967 after a bout with huntington's disease. over the next hour, we will hear from pete seeger, billy bragg, and will coffman. first, woody guthrie, in his own words, being interviewed by a musicologist. >> what kind of family did you come from? what kind of people are they? >> they come in from texas. in the early days, my dad came to oklahoma. he was the first clerk of the county court in oklahoma. after statehood, known as one of those old, hard hitting, fist fighting democrats. he used to discount the votes all the time. every time my dad went to town, it was common, the first question i would ask him when they came in writing on the horse that evening i would say, well, how many fights did you have today? he would take me up on his knee and tell me who he was fighting, why, all about it. why don't we show a couple of these fascists what a hillbilly can d
Jul 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
next, big celebration today for the rolling stones. we'll explain. >> plus, where is bob dylan's guitar? there's a battle over its whereabouts. details on that coming up next in the buzz bin. ♪    q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. ♪ >>> opening the buzz bin this morning. big day for rock and roll fans. today is the 50th anniversary of the rolling stones first concert. they'll attend a photo session in london and rehearse for a new gig. there are rumors of a tour, but so far, no dates have been set. and you doubt that, right? >> yeah. sounded like they're not going to tour, but will put on a series of shows, madison square gardens and people will have to come to them. they're older now. >> yeah. >>> also, and congratulations to them. >> quite a feat. >> rocker bob dylan is in a dispute with historians over a guitar he m
Jul 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
forced to move the games to october 20th. but there is a bob dylan concert at the theater when the rally was to be held. the rally will be at edwards track with no bonfire. >>> cal is following the lead of many prosport teams in adopting a dynamic pricing system. that means thicket -- that means that ticket prices will be based on supply and demand. tickets for this season's games against rival stanford will cost at legal $6. >>> workers this morning installed the first steel columns that will provide the framework for the 49er stadium. the builders say the new stadium will be environmentally friendly. >> reporter: construction workers harn esed and hissed up -- harnessed and hissed up -- hoisted up. >> all of this was built with five states involved. so the economic benefits are here in the valley but they also extend beyond. >> reporter: by the ed of the year more than 100,000 people will be working. the 1 point -- $the 1.1 billion stadium will seat -- the 1.1 billion stadium will seat a million people. >> so from a green perspective, this will be the greenest stadium in the nation. >>
Jul 23, 2012 11:35pm EDT
. but i have to say, the song that i wanted to play was "times are a changing" and bob dylan was able to articulate songs about social justice and peace. something more than just a beautiful melody moved me. ♪ i never loved a man the way that i love you ♪ >> for me, aretha franklin was the top singer i ever heard. "the way i loved a man" was soulful. and sings those lyrics, they caught me about the kind of pain i was going to be in for when i grow up. that might be the one that gets me the most. ♪ i can't make you love me if you don't ♪ >> it was written by two talented men. it was simple and pure expression of what it's like when you know that someone doesn't love you anymore. and the heart break of saying just spend one more night with me, i will close my eyes so i don't have to see. i know you don't love me -- it's getting to me now. ♪ because i can't make you love me if you don't ♪ >> the fact that adele covered "i can't make you love me", it makes me proud and grateful that it's associated with me. ♪ bring it home baby >> sing me of a few of their line, tore it up f
Jul 13, 2012 1:00am EDT
else can bind them together. >> rose: which relationship between bob dylan, creativity and like a rolling stone? >> i begin the book by telling the story that happened in may of 1965, when bob dylan game p gave up on singing and song writing, he was on this grueling tour and didn't know how to reinvent himself, he thought he had no songs left to sing he didn't want to be a folksinger and didn't know what to write next so he moved to woodstock and didn't take his guitar he was going to paint and write poetry and done with the music bids and there for a couple of days when all of a sudden he feels this familiar feeling, the itch of words as he put it and like a ghost just gives you what to say. and then he starts scribbling and his hand isn't moving to for the next several hours it is like he is vomiting forth associations and very visceral verb. and. >> rose: he would be prone to use. >> and then he takes a look at these 25 pages of notes he scrawled late at night in woodstock all by himself and what he sees in these notes are the lyrics to like a rolling stone. the very next wee
Jul 31, 2012 4:00am EDT
and his publisher stopped shipping his best-selling book after he admitted making up quotes from bob dylan. jonah lehrer admits inventing the quotes and lying about it when questioned by an online publication. lehrer's book "imagine: how creativity works" spent six weeks on the best-seller list. >>> big profits for a carmaker and apple and samsung duke it out in court. ashley morrison here with more. >>> stocks in asia were up on the hopes european leaders will take steps to head off the continent's debt crisis. tokyo's nikkei rose almost 0.7% while the hang seng in hong kong was up just under 1%. >>> business is booming for chrysler. the american car-maker reported a $436 million profit in the second quarter this year. quite a turn-around from last year, when it lost $370 million. it was the best quarter for chrysler since the company emerged from bankruptcy. >>> a two-day rally on wall street was snapped on monday. the dow posted a minor two-point loss, while the nasdaq dipped 12 points. >>> a jury has been selected in the trial pitting apple against samsung. apple claims samsung's smart
Jul 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
? >> well, anyone who read my first -- >> rose: passages and bob dylan's lyrics and all of that. >> the lyrics, like just beginning each chapter this one i have the song as the title and it is really because i want to express the idea in sort of a fun way what science does, that you have some base of knowledge that you know, but what scientists do is exploring the edges, it is exploring the things you don't yet know. so you are trying to go beyond that sort of comfort zone to go someplace else and of course the lyrics of the songs were not referring to that, but i like the idea that as you sort of are trying to get to something bigger than yourself and try to get to something out there that you believe is there and how do you cross that boundary and cross that threshold to get to some bigger knowledge. >> rose: physics itself, we are all aware of whe molecular biology hagone. it has shown us the structure of the dna, we have mapped the human genome and done all of these things that have to do with biology. have we made the same kind of strides and are we asking what questions i
Jul 14, 2012 1:00pm PDT
infamous guitars. it is the electric guitar. bob dylan played at a 1965 folk festival. fans booed him for going electric at the time. now that guitar is at the center of a controversy about who actually owns it. how authentic is it? i'll talk with the history detectives tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. the lexus ct hybrid. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at >>> an autistic man is recovering after wandering for more than three week in utah's desert. rescuers found 28-year-old lliam martin lafever thursday starving and dehydrated but alive. >> in all honesty, we
Jul 3, 2012 11:35pm PDT
, making the rounds at rolling stone. >> bob dylan. silk meets pop. >> backstage at live about kelly. ♪ >> reporter: performing show after show. how many times have you performed this song in the last year? >> a few times. but -- >> reporter: it doesn't get old? >> not yet at least. i'm really enjoying myself. it's kind of been a song that's taken me on this crazy adventure. so it's really special to me. >> i'd love to, yeah. >> she will freak out. you are idolized by her. she does everything -- she just wants to be you. >> thank you. >> reporter: when you have a moment like that, how do you follow it up and make sure you're not a one-hit wonder? >> i definitely felt that pressure. i think i still feel like my main concern is, getting out an album that i feel -- this is an opportunity i've been wait despg hoping i would get in my life. to have it, i'm not going to -- i'm hoping i can stand up to it. >> caller: to be clear about this, i think people look at you and say, she's a cute teenager -- but you're 26. are you ready for this? >> if i had been any younger, i probably wouldn't
Jul 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the game to fulfill its contracts and there is a bond that bob dylan concert at the greek theatre on the same night. a mile sunday on leave 49 stadium. crews began building a framework for what will be a 68,000 seat stadium. that will cost more than $1 billion and is supposed to be ready for the 2014 season. it's the thing everyone loves to hate about san francisco. if you spent any time in the city of noticed a lot of homeless people walking around and it may be getting worse. reporter still lives here tells us this city is running out of ideas. san francisco home of the golden gate bridge fisherman's wharf and of course the homeless. most recently but they made national news on the escalator bought them at the downtown bart station and the bottom is being used as a toilet by the homeless. >>> obviously after an people read about it to myself included the question is what to do about it. to equate the advancers but it's time is gonna be a lot of money on the homeless. shelter is transitional housing medical and social services. and they're still spending its paper at a rate of a
Jul 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >> he needs a driver, by the way. >> no kidding. 100 miles an our. >>> bob dylan will mark 50 years as a recording artist by releasing his 35th studio album "tempest" in september. can you believe that? >>> and, finally, chill out jackie chen fans. despite recently saying he was going to quit action films to become, quote, the asian robert dinero, he has already had a change of heart. >>> and this comes to us from columbus, indiana, where one artist is chomping at the bit to show of his talents. the horse, justin, now a painter using his mouth to guide the brush. his owner says he was going to be a show jumper. he clearly didn't clear that hurdle, but then showed a creative side by using the owner's whip to draw shapes in the sand. his collections also include shores shoe prints. it's not just horseplay. justin's work goes for hundreds of dollars. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >>> an unlikely bond has been formed in the nor weej gab began wilderness. they came across an orphaned moose three years ago and the tw
Jul 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, bob dylan is appearing at the greek theaters of the bond, bonfire is canceled this year and students are learning the times are changing >> this is the greatest tradition we have here, one of the oldest >> there is no doubt that the bonfire is an important tradition but the question might be, who is it important to? have you ever heard of it? >> sorry >> i know they had it last year >> i wanted to go at some point with my friends are going i probably won't go >> the fact is that with the diversity, it is coming and international institution which means traditions might not mean as much to a large group of students but some say it gives the school its identity >> the tradition is one of those things that drive the love that some many people feel for this university. for those who have connections to it, it is a defining moment for them >> the school will still have a rally the night before the game. there will be fireworks, just know bonfire. that will have to wait until next year. >> he still got a drunk driving charge even though he was not behind the wheel. also, empty seats at the
Jul 18, 2012 4:00am EDT
people. >>> bob dylan will mark 50 years as a recording artist by releasing his 35th studio album "tempest" in september. >>> finally, relax, jacky chen fans, despite saying recently he was going to quit films to become the asian robert denier rowe, he has already had a change of heart. sigh of relief from the other side of the table. >>> and this comes to us from columbus, indiana, where one is champing at the bit to show off his talents. the horse, justin, now a painter uses his brush to guide him. his owner says he was going to be a show jumper. he didn't clear that hurdle but then showed a creative side by using the owner's whip to draw shapes in the sand. his collections also include hoard shoe prints. it's not just horse pay. justin's work goes for hundreds of dollars. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move
Jul 6, 2012 12:35am PDT
: all right, enough of that. all right. we have me as bob dylan doing "charles in charge." everyone wants to hear bob dylan do "charles in charge." >> steve: everyone. ♪ charles in charge of our days and our nights charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, that's enough. that's enough of that one. [ cheers ] we have me as the doors singing "reading rainbow" at number five. ♪ butterfly in the sky i can go twice as high take a look it's in a book a reading rainbow ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, that's good. that's that. we got -- [ cheers ] big and rich are on here. we have justin timberlake. we love justin timberlake. >> steve: yep. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: the guy's awesome. we do "the history of rap" together, so we cleared all the songs. they're on the album. "history of rap," that's track number two. ♪ i said a hip-hop a hippy to the hippy to the hip hip hop and you don't stop rocking ♪ ♪ to the bang bang boogie said up drop the boogie rock the rhythm of the boogie the beat ♪ >> jimmy: all right, that's enough of that. you can tell who's the singer and who's
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 88 (some duplicates have been removed)